The path from dreams to success does exist!

Dear Visitor, As a Company, we attach immense importance and significance to learning and being emotionally intelligent. We also want us to be seen and known as an institution genuinely supporting multi-racial harmonious co-existence and living our lives with paradigms shifted and boundaries of limitations removed. This space is specially designed to acquaint you, in the soonest possible time, with our people, process, products, our vision, mission, the corporate values, the ethos, the campus themes, procedures and other facilities. The Campus themes would talk about how differently we view business and our association with people!
As Dr. Kalpana Chawla, we also believe “The path from dreams to success does exist”, we hope that “you have the vision to find it, courage to get on to it and the perseverance to follow it”.

We Work For You

You must believe deeply that what you are doing is right, or else you may become discouraged and give up.To succeed, you must be willing to persevere in your efforts and you must keep a positive, hopeful attitude. Our Hard working team dedicates themselves for the work we do to make sure to mark a change .

Our Vision

Be global and remain local. Build a motivated institution of competent persons and expand our knowledge base. Strive relentlessly for excellence in every sphere of our activities through continual up-gradation of knowledge.
Nurture environment, conserve energy and support human and pet animal’s lives with our serious healthcare efforts.

Our Mission

Business Excellence : Through delighted Customers with long term Win-Win-Win relationships and Technological innovations. Responsible
Corporate Citizenship : Through Conservation of Energy and providing support to our Mother Nature.